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Our energy system is changing. Abundant renewable generation and energy storage devices could eliminate carbon emissions from our society. To make this happen, a new form of intelligence is required.

This is VCharge.






One of the first systems of its kind, VCharge is a highly scalable, intelligent technology platform that captures the value of flexibility present in all energy resources.


VCharge remotely connects distributed flexible electrical devices (electric vehicles, home batteries, storage heaters) enabling the UK grid to symbiotically react to changes in demand and supply.


VCharge recognises system stress from national to micro-regional levels and responds to changing conditions within seconds. From managing demand at peak times to providing highly responsive grid balancing services for multiple devices and appliances.

Highly scalable

VCharge can also be used to intelligently manage both generation and demand by facilitating more renewable energy generation and supply without the need for costly infrastructure investment.  

For the first time in history, there’s convergence between the needs of your family, the grid and the planet.


VCharge automatically adjusts electricity flow to provide everyone with the power they need, when they need it, for the lowest possible price.



Case Study: Orkney Islands

Orkney is the third windiest place in the UK, generating nearly twice as much energy over the course of the year than a wind turbine on the mainland. As a result, Orkney is one of the most attractive places for wind power development and is a key exporter for renewable energy. However, the network infrastructure is now close to maximum capacity, meaning that the turbines are regularly turned off. This results in wasted green energy and lost revenue for generators.

With VCharge enabled in just 30% of local homes, we can prevent enough energy from being wasted to power the equivalent of 2,000 homes for a year, worth approximately £1.4 million, while increasing renewable energy on the grid.

Rather than watching the turbines be turned off when the wind picks up, the community will be able to watch it continue to turn. As part of the project, VCharge controls storage heaters and hot water cylinders in order to consume otherwise wasted energy. VCharge works with all renewables, aggregating the potential of energy storage devices. It is the intelligent energy system of the future.






VCharge is the brains of OVO Energy’s IoT landscape sitting between grid operators and end customers, and connecting energy suppliers, energy IoT, VPP.

Join a team of engineers and data scientists building cutting edge technology in their quest to shape the energy ecosystem of the future.



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